The Samburu Project: Water of Love Event

June 21st, 2022 7pm   Stage 2


The Samburu Project: Water of Love Event



In Samburu, every aspect of life is affected by the lack of water.

But the burden falls especially hard on women and children, who spend their days walking up to twelve miles in search of fresh water. This keeps girls out of school, women out of the workforce, and perpetuates a cycle of poverty for entire communities. But with water, everything changes. With water, rates of diarrhea plummet, girls can attend school, women have time to start businesses, and agricultural innitiatives are possible. That is why on June 21, the Water of Love Band will perform some of your favorite songs and ask for your help providing clean water to communities in need.

All donations will be matched by Simon and Cynthia Wasserberger.

#givewatergivelife .