Queen V's Summer Soiree

June 23rd, 2023 6pm   Stage 2


Queen V


Queen V is a New York City based singer-songwriter and front woman of her namesake rock
band. V is currently performing and releasing videos in support of her most recent record,
Bridges Vol. 3, which is the conclusion of her Bridges trilogy.
The trilogy began with the release of the Bridges EP in 2015, which V recorded in Los Angeles
at the famed Studio 606 with the help of Producer John “Lou” Lousteau. This first EP was the
result of V taking her songwriting in a new direction, refocusing on her roots on piano and
acoustic guitar.
The next leg of the Bridges journey saw Queen V spending extended periods of time writing in
Nashville, where she linked up with Chad Carlson, who has become a frequent collaborator,
cowriter, and Producer. The 2017 EP, Bridges Vol. 2, was recorded at Nashville’s Sound
Emporium, with Chad Carlson at the helm.