November 3rd, 2023 10pm   Stage 1




This is QU!ET, we are a band with three voices from New York, USA.
With each of us singing lead vocals, we have the chance to express
ourselves personally, together. There’s so much weight in the minds of
people that are tough to open up about. Our songs channel the emotions
we feel, and we enjoy connecting with anyone who can relate with what
we have to say. If you’re listening to our music, you’re probably an
awesome and down to earth person! And we take pride in bringing
everyone together at our shows, creating incredible moments together!

Aside from constantly writing new music, we are equally passionate
about connecting with each of you. You may find us on any social media
platform by searching @bandofquiet. Follow us, shoot us a DM, stay in
touch with us however you please, and we hope you continue to enjoy
the music we release!