Ramiro Marziani

March 4th, 2020 11pm   Stage 1


Ramiro Marziani

Marziani, myself. I am a touring and studio guitarist and composer from Argentina. From an early age, every time I saw a guitar, I had a desire to play it. It wasn’t until I found a dusty guitar in my Grandma’s house that the journey began. My dad began showing me progressive rock records from the 70s that he listened to as a child, and that introduced me to a new world of instruments and innovative music that I hadn’t heard before. The concept of reinventing myself everyday has been with me ever since.

For Marziani, inspiration comes from many different places. A walk to a remote part of town, sitting by the river or observing people’s faces in a crowded place.

“The Martian’s Playground” is Marziani’s first full album, recorded and produced in 2018. A high-energy, driving and exploratory voyage throughout many cultures and sounds, the record slides through Hard Rock, Jazz, South American Folk and Fingerstyle Acoustic songs.
Marziani calls this "Martian Music - music from outer space".