Rayvon Owen

October 10th, 2021 9pm   Stage


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Rayvon Owen

“I just got to give kudos to Rayvon...his voice is absolutely amazing.”

Rayvon Owen smoothly and seemingly effortlessly brings authenticity and emotion to his lyrical narrative and melodies. Each song in his catalogue is a glimpse into who Owen is as a person, and a testament to the joy that can only come from being yourself.

His newest single, “Fallin’ Apart,” is the second song released since his summer 2020 EP, Las Virginia, which he is just now able to tour due to the pandemic. “I feel like with this new EP I am redefining who I am and showing the world that I’m not just a singer, but an artist and songwriter with a perspective and story to tell.”

Las Virginia reflects Owen’s journey of growth, as well as the combination of where he came from with who he is now. “It’s all about my internal yin and yang, growing up in the east but now living in the west, and the battle of who I was taught to be versus who I am becoming.” Owen has also coyly said, “What happens in Las Virginia . . . ended up on this EP,” in reference to a troubled romantic situation from his past. “I’m proud that I can freely sing about what I’ve been through now. All of the lyrics on my last EP seemed like they were about a girl . . . but they definitely weren’t.”

Owen’s glowing collection of pop gems—layered with textures of soul, R&B, and incandescent synth—have earned attention from the likes of People Magazine, Huffington Post, USA Today, Billboard and landed him a spot on The Today Show and iHeartRadio as Elvis Duran’s ‘Artist-of-the-Month’ performing his high energy single “Gold”. Other recent singles have included: “Do It Again,” which soared its way to international radio airplay joining alongside “La Locura,” a collaboration with El Salvadorian-famed brothers Shaka Y Dres which was nominated for Best Latin Collaboration of August 2020 on Billboard, “Flexin’ My Vibe,” with a feature appearance from the “Selfie Kid,” Ryan McKenna; “Tonight” with a feature from Matillo; “Like a Storm;” and “X,” which Owen credits for inspiring the vibe of Las Virginia, garnering millions of streams and YouTube views and placements on Spotify’s Viral Charts and Playlists. 

Whether onstage, in the studio, or deep into the songwriting process, Rayvon Owen strives to entertain his listeners, while also creating an immersive and inspirational experience. “I love singing about love, life experiences, and my journey growing up to be the person I am today.”

“Owen has a star quality and a beautiful tone. There is lots to root for with Rayvon.”