Rob Roth

December 5th, 2021 9pm   Stage


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Rob Roth

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New York City based, Pop/EDM songwriter Rob Roth is a man of many talents. An athlete for decades and a music lover throughout, Roth’s life took a turn after overcoming 6 major injuries in a 5-year span (2 torn ACL's, a torn meniscus, 2 herniated discs, and a torn TFCC ligament in his wrist). Enduring three knee surgeries that completely debilitated him, he took it upon himself to use the last ACL surgery in November 2018 as an opportunity to flip the switch on his life and become a more positive and optimistic person. Battling through rehab with a different outlook on life, Roth took advantage of his new vantage point, and during the summer in 2019, he reconnected to a few passions: fitness, sports and, most importantly, music. His new track, “Headlines,” due out September 24, 2021, is a prime example of finding positivity in a tough situation. Roth explains, “Headlines, “‘is a song about the person you love most who is naive to how beautiful and amazing they are. It's that someone who, no matter the mood you are in, will always "Illuminate" you when they walk into a room. They are resistant to believing that they are incredible and shy away from being the center of attention. Regardless of how much they try to not be in the spotlight, they are going to make ‘’Headlines’ in your mind.”

Without any prior singing experience, with the encouragement from his friends, Roth took his first vocal lesson in Summer of 2019. With comparisons to the vocal stylings of Chester Bennington during his first lesson, and the sudden new-found time on his hands due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Roth was able to completely submerge himself into music, which he accredits to saving his life. Roth connected with his current vocal coach Robert “RAab” Stevenson, through a happenstance meeting at a Dave Matthews concert in 2017. RAab is known as a "celebrity" vocal coach and works with the likes of Dave Matthews, Justin Timberlake, SZA, HER, and Charlie Puth among many many others, and he saw potential and took on Roth as a student in 2020. With exponential growth and inspiration, Roth has gone from no original songs to writing 18 songs in just a year and has already garnered 32k monthly listeners on Spotify, and reconnected with and old little league friend, American Idol Top 13 Finalist, Robbie Rosen, who has pushed Roth’s music to the next level with labels and finesse. Almost all of the songs Roth has created came from only one weekend of writing, showing his prolific creativity. Roth independently released two pop-rock songs in February/March 2021 in collaboration with Ben Rice, owner of Degraw Sounds in Brooklyn.

Stay tuned for more from Rob Roth as he releases new music through the coming months!