Rose Stoller, Greta Keating, Claire Ozmun

April 13th, 2022 8:30pm   Stage 3


Rose Stoller


Rose Stoller is an NYC based multidisciplinary artist. She works as a jazz vocalist, experimental musician, solo singer-songwriter, theater artist, and more. She merges her influence of contemporary jazz, r&b, Laurel Canyon folk rock, Brazilian Popular Music, and ambient soundscapes into a corner of her own.

Greta Keating


Greta Keating is a singer-songwriter born and raised in New York City. She performs solo as well as in a band Called ‘Creatures Of Habit’.

Claire Ozmun


Claire Ozmun is a singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn, NY. Born and raised in Ohio, Claire has spent the past 6 years in Boston and moved to New York earlier this year. Claire is inspired by musical landscapes that combine acoustic and electronic sounds. Her EP is in the process of being recorded in Akron, Ohio, and will be out later this year.