Ruthie Collins

June 11th, 2022 9pm   Stage 3


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Ruthie Collins

"I don't feel the need to fit my music into one category, because life doesn't fit into one category," says Ruthie Collins, whose songs swirl together a dreamy blend of folk, country, and achingly honest Americana. "I think we can live in a world right now where we can just be who we are."

And who, exactly, is Ruthie Collins? Raised in Fredonia, New York, she grew up on her family's 15-acre grape farm, mere miles from the Lake Erie shoreline. Her childhood was a musical one, filled with the classical favorites of her mother — a professional pianist and organist — as well as her church choir's gospel selections. Ruthie's horizons expanded as she became enamored with the radio, developing a love for the pop and country songs whose larger-than-life hooks would soon inform her own writing. Following brief stays in Boston, where she studied music as a college student, and Texas, where she worked as a contemporary vocal director at the largest Lutheran church in America, she headed to Nashville, settling in a city whose diverse music community matched her own tastes.

"I spent the next five years waiting tables to support my songwriting habit," she remembers. "Then in 2011, demos of some songs I'd written landed in the hands of Curb Records, and they reached out to sign me as both a writer and an artist. It took years, but suddenly my world changed overnight."