Sam Barron, Litvar

January 30th, 2022 4pm   Stage 2


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Sam Barron

Sam Barron was born in NYC. His father was a former folk musician turned forensic criminal investigator. His mother worked with severely handicapped children. Stories from the autopsy table and the macabre reality of God’s misfits left a significant imprint on his developing mind. For Sam, jazz and poetry became his refuge. He started penning poems and frequenting uptown jazz clubs, and studying guitar with NYC jazz great and mentor Freddie Bryant.

Sam’s professional career in songwriting began in ‘97 in Austin, when he got signed by Kranzke Records. His first album, Tempus Fugitive, was recorded with Luke Abbey, the drummer for Gorilla Biscuits. During this period, Barron did a stint playing bass for Austin legend Joe Valentine. Ending up in NYC in ’02, Sam became a regular in the Antifolk scene housed at The Sidewalk Café. It was during this period that Barron first worked with Newman on All Over the Place. A collaboration with producer Brian Speaker (Jeffrey Lewis, Hammell on Trial, Pinc Louds) followed, resulting in Just Couldn’t Help Myself. Simultaneously, Barron and Mimi Oz formed the Indie Rock band The Come On, out of which came an EP, an album, and three US/Canada Tours.

A Prayer For a Field Mouse will be released on September 10, 2021 with touring in the US and Europe planned for fall 2021 through 2022.



Litvar is Joe Lemieux & Rex Thurstan. Having most of our core inspirations for music being soundtracks, emo, and obscure ambience from the early 2000s, we knew there was no way we could not start a band together. The name is inspired by the Kensuke Ushio song lit(var) - I found the combination of those words beautiful.
 Some of our heroes are Brian Eno, Dashboard Confessional, Vampire Weekend, Sigur Rós, Snow Patrol, Peter Gabriel, and Imogen Heap

Influences by different sides of music, bringing in electronic inspiration from Jon Hopkins and Porter Robinson - while also keeping things as organic as possible with love for acoustics and the traditional "band" sound.