Where's Beth

October 1st, 2022 7pm   Stage 3


Where's Beth

Where’s Beth takes its name from the high school years of songwriter Sarabeth, who was asked “Where’s Beth?” when she attempted to perform under her first name. Eight years later, Sarabeth is breaking in the name that was always meant to be with an intimate, sincere, and good-humored EP, for my mom & other lovers.

Set to release September 30, 2022, for my mom & other lovers is framed as an extended address to the artist’s mother, while many of the songs were originally written to ‘other lovers’: a friend, a fiancé, even the road. Through dreamscape melodies and sharp-cutting lyrics, Where’s Beth explores the risk of attaching oneself to anything.

Now based in New York City, Where’s Beth draws inspiration from her day job as a ghostwriter, where she enjoys dissolving herself into the voices of others. This practice gives her music a tender sensitivity to other people and stands as an anthemic refusal to spend life alone.