Sarah Gross/ Imani Graham

May 11th, 2023 7pm   Stage 2


Sarah Gross


Sarah Gross is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Long Island, NY. Years ago, her journey as a recording artist began with her debut EP Between Stars. Six singles, two albums, and countless performances later, Sarah solidified herself as a staple of Syracuse University’s music scene and a rising voice in Americana. Last year, Sarah released her second album, The Riversides, conveying the nostalgic and emotive nature of water introspectively and in her relationships through a warm, folk-driven sound. Since its release, Sarah has seen unprecedented support for her music, opening for artists including Sammy Rae, Clark Beckham, Lawrence, and MELT and developing an ever-growing base of supporters across all platforms.

Imani Graham


Imani Graham has a way with words. The singer, songwriter, and producer has a knack for crafting the kind of stories that are both universal and specific. The indie-pop newcomer uses songwriting to process heartbreak, growing up, and all feelings in-between. In October 2020, she made her debut with her project “I Think I’m In Too Deep,” which garnered the likes of blogs and playlists such as Spotify’s “Morning Coffee” and ‘soda’ playlists as well as Mahogany, Independent Music Reviews, The Lowdown Magazine, and more. Like old diary entries, those four songs document the highs and lows that forged Imani’s outlook for her 2021 project, “I Think This Is The End.” The second project tackles themes such as self-worth, doomed romance, and growth. The title track is a perfect example: “When the rain is slowly falling at your feet/ You’ll say it was and always has been with me/ With my tears falling only ‘cause the truth is/ I realized that I’m everything I need.”