Scatter The Atoms That Remain

February 8th, 2020 7pm   Stage


Celebrating Rockwood Music Hall’s 15-Year Anniversary!

Scatter The Atoms That Remain

Spirit and magic - what lies beyond mere intellect. The soul - the heart - the qualities that set us free ... this transformative power of music is what SCATTER THE ATOMS THAT REMAIN is all about.

"... a sense of shared catharsis through music that is at once majestic, ferocious, and relatable ... the words “ecstasy” and “ecstatic” appear almost predictably, but sometimes a word is just right. Scatter The Atoms That Remain channel the kind of beautiful, disciplined intensity exemplified by late John Coltrane. This type of universal, non-denominational spirituality simply feels good." ~ Jazz At Lincoln Center

Saxophonist Michael Troy, born and raised in Buffalo, New York in 1993 and now residing in Brooklyn, is emerging as one of the most soulful, daring, and distinctive players on today‘s scene.One is immediately touched by the deep spiritual honesty of his sound. Eschewing the more common career path of jazz music journeyman for an intense inquiry into the spiritual metaphysics of music, Michael has begun to uncover the primordial building blocks of music-as-vehicle.

Pianist Davis Whitfield, born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1993, has accomplished a lot at a young age. While still in high school, he was appointed the Assistant Director for the Jazz Standard Youth Orchestra, in New York City. He continued his studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he was a recipient of their top honor, the Presidential Scholarship. He has toured in the United States, France, Spain, Japan and Scandinavia. Still in his early 20’s, Davis is creating a path and voice of his own on the piano.

Bassist Otto Gardner came up in the heady creativity of the loft jazz scene of 1970’s New York. He cut his teeth with the legendary Arthur Rhames, with whom he had a close musical association for most of Rhames’ all too short career. Arthur held Otto in such high regard that he refused to use a bass player when Otto was not available. With his unique approach, Otto has the uncanny ability to make the music feel deeply rooted and swinging while very free and open. His sound is strong, warm and heartfelt.