February 23rd, 2020 8pm   Stage 1


Celebrating Rockwood Music Hall’s 15-Year Anniversary!



Seamstress was born Gabriella Chavez December 3rd, 1991 in Hoboken , NJ. At an early age, she found solace in art. Exploring the visual arts then traveling towards music she used the mediums to make sense of the chaos that ensued around her. Exposed to heartbreak at an early age, Gabriella began to quickly survey the different corners of her emotions. Using songwriting as a tool to communicate that which she couldn’t always understand, her experiences have greatly shaped the beautifully haunting sound for which Seamstress has come to be known.

Gabriella met the other half of Seamstress, Charlie Sztyk, in early 2013 through friends in the local NJ music scene. Their debut EP, “Gabriella,” was released independently in August 2014. Produced, recorded, and mixed by Charlie in their home studio dubbed “The Belly of the Whale,” Seamstress created a body of work all their own. As of 2019, they have debuted their latest single, "Everything". They are writing and recording new material, anticipated for release later in the year.

Seamstress is an indie-rock band with folk roots that explore and push the definition of the genre. Plaintive, powerful vocals express vulnerable songs about love found and estranged and a relentless hope and need to carry on. Finding strength in fragility, Seamstress has cultivated a catalog of moving songs that entrance every listener. Their sound has often been compared to Cat Power, David Bazan, Sharon Van Etten, and Bright Eyes.