Sean Hannon Album Release

February 21st, 2023 8:30pm   Stage

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Sean Hannon

Sean Hannon an electric/upright bassist and composer based in Brooklyn, NY. In his own compositions, he attempts to provoke the imagery of different landscapes and environments as well as articulate the emotions that could be associated with these certain settings. The ending result is a synthesis of visual imagery and emotion expressed through musical composition and improvisation.

The title of this album comes from a somnambulant routine I found myself in during the summer of 2020. I would get out of bed at 4:30am and wander around Brooklyn until the sun came up, often taking pictures of the buildings as they became enveloped with the first light of day. There was something about the stillness of the city that attracted me; the air, the sounds of the birds, the way my perception of time moved; everything was perceivably different between the hours of 4:00am and 7:30am. But, since the human body isn’t made to operate in such a manner, this routine didn’t last very long. This album is an exploration of restless confusion, identity, liminal spaces, literature, and human relationships in an increasingly distanced digital age.

This album release show will feature the original recorded band: Alex Ramirez on alto sax; Nick Rousseau on guitar; Sean Hannon on bass/synth bass; and Anton Kot on drums.