Secret Vacation w/ Social Cig + Staring in Spaces

October 5th, 2023 8:30pm   Stage 2


Secret Vacation


Secret Vacation is the solo project of Stephen Shapero, an Ohio native based in Brooklyn, NY. His easy-going melodies paired with a whimsical approach to songwriting create space for processing trauma and finding closure. Conveyed through folk-inspired downtempo arrangements, Secret Vacation identifies the balance between beauty and sorrow.

Social Cig


Born & brewed in Wisconsin, Social Cig is the 'Indie-Skate-Rock' music project of Parker Schultz. Consisting of contagious authenticity, cheery live shows, sticky lyrics, catchy melodies, and cultivating an original story with an attitude of gratitude, Social Cig is creating full-circle moments. Blasting & buzzing through the US post-covid scenes with a songwriting approach of “creating what feels good”, this DIY project has become a well-rounded grassroots venture.

Staring in Spaces


Staring in Spaces is the indie-pop duo conceived by Jack Wright and William Lorenz. The duo got their start in 2018 with the release of their debut album, "Stop Talking", garnering them a cult following, especially around lead single "Dance With U". Hailing from Wisconsin and now situated in Washington DC, the outfit has kept the momentum going with their 2021 EP, "where u found me", and 2023 singles "summer in october" and "was that good for you". As they gear up for their next album release, be sure to catch a show and be the first to hear the new tracks.