Shwesmo & Yogev Gabay w/ Romi Mor

October 21st, 2023 7pm   Stage 2




Shwesmo Is a Boston based Israeli producer and guitarist, combining metal, fusion and middle eastern influences into a new electronic context. With vast experience as a composer and guitarist, along with unique sound design, Shwesmo is devoted to endless exploration and breaking musical borders.

Along with his partner in crime, drummer Yogev Gabay, the Shwesmo Live Show brings a sophisticated groove to the dancefloor, with innovative sound and middle eastern flare. Come join the adventure!

Romi Mor


Romi Mor is an Israeli-American singer, producer and songwriter. Her music combines electronic foundations, a soulful depth, and a backbone of middle eastern groove. She released her debut EP in Hebrew in 2020 to local acclaim, playing on national radio and booking the country's most popular indie venues. Come dance and join her next journey!