Sofía Campoamor w/ Oren Levin

November 29th, 2022 7pm   Stage 2


Sofía Campoamor


Born in Washington, DC, Sofía Campoamor first started writing songs to make school projects more fun. This lighthearted approach to academics took her to Yale University, where she performed a cappella music around the world as the first woman member of the Whiffenpoofs. Now based in Brooklyn, Campoamor blends wit and vulnerability in her folk-pop tales of love, distance, and dreams.

Oren Levin


From Ann Arbor, MI, now Brooklyn based singer-songwriter and producer Oren Levin comes “Gold Rush Kid,” a new album distilled from his experiences moving to Los Angeles to work in music, and back again to Michigan at the start of the pandemic. Out of the chaos comes a crisp collection of intimate songs set in an expansive widescreen landscape of synthesizers that wrap around the listener like the warmest blanket on the coldest night.