Sofia Dobrushin w/Our Messy Ghost

November 24th, 2021 7pm   Stage 2


Current New York City guidelines may restrict access to this event. Please visit our COVID-19 Information page for the most updated information.

Sofia Dubrushin


Sofia Dobrushin is a Musician, Comedian, Actor, Director, and only child which is why she does all these things. After performing stand up in New York and singing mitski-esque songs in her bedroom, Sofia decided to combine her two loves and began writing and performing musical comedy. To her surprise people described her songs as "actually good music but funny too. Not annoying like most musical comedy". With this boost in ego, Sofia started to perform her earnest indie tunes she had kept to herself for so long and now gets to perform all the genres in her heart for all who will listen. You can hear major influences of Regina Spektor, Mitski, and Angel Olsen in her sound, aka the anthem of depressed teens in the 2010's. You might have seen Sofia perform at notable NY venues such as Elsewhere, Baby's Alright, Union Hall, The Broadway or a random bar with a quaint stage. You can find her on the app that runs our lives, instagram @oh.sofritas to keep up with videos, songs, and projects.