Songwriters Evening w/ Ryan Doyle, Dan Monea & Friends

January 19th, 2020 10pm   Stage

A special songwriters evening w/ Ryan Doyle & Dan Monea

Ryan Doyle


Dan Monea

Hey Monea have always been driven by a healthy sense of wanderlust – a deep desire to see the world, try new things, and to challenge the limits of what is possible. This band of tender-hearted rascals, brothers, has been bonded by three albums, years of touring and recording, with a deep love of music and desire to bring people together. They’ve played festivals all over the world including Hard Rock Calling in London (Bruce Springsteen / Lady Antebellum), The Rock Boat (Sister Hazel / Barenaked Ladies), 311 Cruise, and even performance in the Pacific Islands. In addition to traditional touring, the band travels annually to Guatemala with an organization called The Music Is Love Exchange for a week of service work and performances at schools and hospitals.

“We love what we do, and we love being on the road. Connecting with people from every corner of the world through music brings real joy to us. Everybody has a story, and we want to hear that. And we want to share ours,” says Dan Monea. The band performs constantly, either touring nationally or playing bar gigs to pay bills.

Hey Monea’s pop-leaning rock music centers around emotionality and their soaring harmonies aim directly at the heart of the human spirit. Dan and Nate were raised Jehovah’s Witnesses and it was their family’s decision to leave that community that set the boys on a path toward pursuing deeper connection points. Every tour stop is an opportunity to meet people, be of service, an effort to build bonds with their audience. The band refers to their extended community as their “ghetto family”, and the family reunion takes place at every show.

The band is now touring in support of new music to be released throughout the coming months – Hey Monea reemerged in 2019 on a collaboration with country singer Mark Leach entitled “Drinkin’ Claws”, a tribute to the very popular summer seltzer, followed by the beautiful “Ebony”, a tribute to singer Dan Monea’s beloved Les Paul guitar. The band is now prepared to release a relationship anthem entitled “Good at Loving You”. Please visit for the latest news and tour dates.