Songwriter's Night hosted by Juliet Garrett Feat. Shayna Blass, Sophie Hearn, Loren Beri

March 23rd, 2022 8:30pm   Stage


Shayna Blass

Shayna Blass is a curly haired singer, dancer, actress, iced coffee fanatic, lover of rompers and mascara, born & bred in Washington, DC, now living and working in New York City. She's also fond of funny, cool stuff, and dark chocolate so, at this point there's got to be one thing y'all have in common with her. She hosts a semi-monthly uptown live music + comedy show called Basement Social.

Sophie Hearn


Sophie Hearn is a singer/songwriter/actor fresh on the live-music scene. Her main artistic goals are to make feet tap and fingers snap—anything else is a bonus.

Loren Berí


Loren Berí’s debut EP Stray Cat Kingdom is inhabited by madcap characters and intersecting storylines in an alternate version of Brooklyn. Set to synth-pop, a cast of artists in New York arrive, fall out with one another, meet their heroes, or become heroes themselves. The results are a fantastical journey that also feels resolutely down-to-earth, with Berí’s observational lyrics—at once funny and insightful, emotional and witty—grounding his impossibly lush sonic flights of fancy. First single “My Brooklyn (Is Better Than Yours)” is lovely and laconic, as Berí’s vocals lay atop a percolating melody as he ruminates on gentrification and a chattering creative class. “It was a joke song at first—it made me crack up,” he explains. “But then some time passed, and the idea in my mind became all these people talking along with an exaggerated version of myself—a careless jerk, some Bushwick hipster. It’s a satire of where I found myself.” Stray Cat Kingdom, out June 22nd, 2022 is an evocative, deeply felt journey to the heart of the real, marking an auspicious debut for Berí as a songwriter and artist.