Songwriter's Night hosted by Juliet Garrett w/ Achilles Tenderloin, Mister Moriah & Viktor Vladimirovich

June 26th, 2022 8:30pm   Stage 3


Juliet Garrett

Singer-songwriter Juliet Garrett’s music is “a remedy for the soul” (Camden Live). Raised on Shelter Island, NY, Juliet has performed across Europe from London to Berlin, Amsterdam to Malmo, though she claims Rockwood Music Hall in NY as her favorite venue. During the pandemic, she remained active– performing livestreams and virtual benefit festivals, appearing on tastemaker Annie O’s music series, and releasing her first EP, “Corners of Pretend” (recorded before lockdown in London). She is currently at work on her next collection of songs at the Honeyjar in Brooklyn with producer Devin Greenwood and collaborator Chuck Staab. Described as “unique, fresh, and powerful” (Cheers to the Vikings), Juliet’s “mesmerising” songs are guaranteed to leave you feeling warm, uplifted, and a little more connected.

Achilles Tenderloin


Achilles Tenderloin is Joe Augustin, a songwriter and guitarist from Richmond, Indiana. He is a full-time performer and visual artist, who hosts and organizes several original music concert series and annual events.

Joe is currently hard at work with Producer Patrick Himes at Reel Love Recording on his forthcoming record, Tincture for Trouble. Blues Silhouettes and Don't Be Long, two singles from the album, will drop June 21, 2022 on Bandcamp and

Mister Moriah


Singer-Songwriter, Autistic Trans dude (He/They), Professional Tender-Hearted Weirdo, and Multi-Instrumentalist, Mister Moriah hails from Kentucky via Ohio. Strong Appalachian musical roots are the driving force behind his experimental approach to songwriting.

Mister Moriah is currently working with producer McKain Lakey on a new EP (August 2022) and touring in support of Achilles Tenderloin's two new singles, both of which feature Mo's transcendent vocals and intricate mandolin stylings.

Viktor Vladimirovich


Viktor Vladimirovich is Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter, producer, & multi-instrumentalist. With music that spans introspective piano ballads to electro-pop nuclear meltdowns, Vladimirovich pushes art-pop forward with emotionally affecting and imaginatively detailed narratives exploring self-loathing, shame, hyper-sexualization, and the modern queer experience in the shadow of the AIDS crisis. A one-time Boston University mathematics and statistics student, they bring an analytical and concise approach to their genre-bending songwriting, fusing elements of indie, cabaret, folk, and pop.

Born to Jewish refugee parents fleeing the crumbling Soviet Union, Vladimirovich grew up with their father’s bootleg MP3s of Russian alt rock acts like Zemfira and t.A.T.u. and, at 13, began teaching themselves piano with YouTube Regina Spektor tutorials. Their roots lie in songwriters like Amanda Palmer, Frank Ocean, Perfume Genius, Mitski, and St. Vincent.

After graduating college, Vladimirovich moved to New York and began busking in subway stations, adopting a theatrical and immediate storytelling style caught between German cabaret raunch and 70s Troubadour oration. Their work has been praised in music & culture outlets OUT Magazine, Atwood Magazine, comeherefloyd, Tinnitist, Angry Grrrl Music, High Street Disco, Sélavy Magazine, Bands Do BK, and more.