Songwriter's Night hosted by Juliet Garrett w/ Charlie Nieland, Katy Cruel, Anni Rossi

May 22nd, 2022 8:30pm   Stage 3


Juliet Garrett

Singer-songwriter Juliet Garrett’s music is “a remedy for the soul” (Camden Live). Raised on Shelter Island, NY, Juliet has performed across Europe from London to Berlin, Amsterdam to Malmo, though she claims Rockwood Music Hall in NY as her favorite venue. During the pandemic, she remained active– performing livestreams and virtual benefit festivals, appearing on tastemaker Annie O’s music series, and releasing her first EP, “Corners of Pretend” (recorded before lockdown in London). She is currently at work on her next collection of songs at the Honeyjar in Brooklyn with producer Devin Greenwood and collaborator Chuck Staab. Described as “unique, fresh, and powerful” (Cheers to the Vikings), Juliet’s “mesmerising” songs are guaranteed to leave you feeling warm, uplifted, and a little more connected.

Anni Rossi


Anni Rossi is a songwriter, performer and multi-instrumentalist from Minnesota based in Brooklyn. Her work draws from the natural landscape within and has been called “experiential folk”. She often plays hybrid electric viola-tars built out of tree branches by collaborator Thor Harris (Swans).

Charlie Nieland


Charlie Nieland has been writing, playing and producing music for decades, with a focus on the atmospheric and the imaginative. He played power dream pop with the band Her Vanished Grace for over 20 years before establishing himself as a solo artist with a mix of songwriting and sonic exploration. Along the way, Charlie wrote and produced material with Debbie Harry, Rufus Wainwright, Scissor Sisters and is currently half of the literature-inspired songwriting and performing duo Lusterlit with Susan Hwang. He released his latest album DIVISIONS in 2021, with more new music coming this year.

"Nieland approaches such subjects with a musical deftness and sonic poise which may at first belie
the poignancy of the message he is sending... he balances shards of guitar noise, beguiling
electronica and his imploring vocals" ~ Dancing About Architecture

Katy Cruel


Katy Cruel is the solo project of New York based actress, artist and musician, Katy Pinke. Under Katy Cruel, Pinke writes impressionistic songs focusing on themes of relationship and transcendence. Her single “Leafy Plant” was released with UK label Patch Bae Records in 2020. Pinke’s vocals were recently featured in the Emilia Mello documentary 𝘕𝘰 𝘒𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘴 (MOMA doc fortnight 2022 official selection).