SONICA: Album Release w/ special guests

October 2nd, 2022 7pm   Stage 2




SONICA, a dynamic trio featuring three of today’s most distinctive contemporary female musicians, includes GRAMMY-nominated vocalists Thana Alexa, Nicole Zuraitis and renowned first-call bassist Julia Adamy. The trio’s self-titled debut album (out September 30 on OutsideIn Music) is imbued with a sharp and unrivaled sonic power, capturing the allure of female collaboration over seven genre-bending compositions and arrangements - fully engineered, produced and mixed by Thana Alexa.

SONICA incorporates intricate vocal harmonies, electronics, vocal loops, percussion, electric bass and keyboards over a blend of original music and modern arrangements. Fusing jazz with elements of pop, soul and folk, the trio captivates audiences with each of its member’s unique ability to redefine American music. What started as a passion project on the heels of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic launched into a debut production recorded and produced straight out of Alexa’s home studio in Queens. After forging a deep musical connection throughout years of collaborative performances, the three decided to unite on tape and document their musical connection with this recording.

Justifying the distinct truth that the harmonies of human voices are some of the most powerful sounds on Earth, SONICA’s debut statement is an emulation of togetherness and human connection. Across seven thought provoking soulful tracks Thana Alexa, Nicole Zuraitis and Julia Adamy continue to replicate the delicate feelings of life through sound all while calling for reevaluation, pleasure and change in the surrounding world.