Sotto Voce

March 31st, 2023 7pm   Stage 1


Sotto Voce


Sotto Voce is Ryan Gabos—all of it. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, he now resides in
Brooklyn, NY. That geographical narrative makes sense, as beneath his sophisticated melodies is
a sinewy playfulness forged from urban spirit.

Gabos does all singing (and all the shimmery harmonizing layered on otherwise demure lead
vocals, and the amorphous odd voices throughout the mix); perfervidly plays all guitar and bass;
programs the drums; and produces the whole thing like he’s inventing a new genre based in the
deep crates for pure pop lovers. There is an undeniable swing to all the songs, which
completely eludes the usual works of one-man bands.

His work is reminiscent of chiaroscurist, well-crafted, expansive 70s classics like Elton John’s
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road or Todd Rundgren’s Something/Anything. Likewise, he plays coy
with meaning but ultimately reveals just enough, embracing the simultaneously subtle chaos
and mindful melisma of albums like The Biz by The Sea and Cake and Painful by Yo La Tengo. It’s
rock music that isn’t afraid to adopt the oblique and art that isn’t afraid to disrupt a winning

Sotto Voce operates in live settings as a full band, augmented by bassist Justin Gonzales and
drummer Ryan Hopper. They can often be found performing at classic tri-borough venues such
as Mercury Lounge, C’mon Everybody, The Footlight Underground, and more.