SQWERV/ Big Spender Trio/ Aus Jubilee

May 3rd, 2023 9pm   Stage




This groovy 4 piece Indie-Psych-Rock band took their passion for classic rock and psychedelic music, fused it with a dose of funk and created a sound that is refreshingly original. When Sqwerv takes the stage their songwriting shines as audiences are taken on a ride through surreal stories, ethereal blooming guitar solos and bellowing bumblebee baselines. Based out of Denver CO, this unique quintet strives to continue moving peoples souls and bodies through heartfelt music.

Big Spender Trio


Aus Jubilee


Au Jusbille is a band that draws inspiration from the rich flavors and aromas of the culinary world. Just like a finely crafted au jus, their music leaves you wanting more. With an eclectic mix of genres that span from jazz to funk to rock, Au Jubilee's sound is a savory and satisfying feast for the ears. Whether you're dancing the night away or just enjoying a good meal with friends and family, Au Jubilee's energetic and upbeat tunes are sure to get everyone in the party mood.