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Steinsdotter Takes Listeners On An Otherworldly Journey On New 'Ginnungagap’ Mixtape
Steinsdotter delivers a haunting collection of her recent avant-garde pop tracks and electrifying remixes on her enigmatic mixtape, ‘Ginnungagap.’

LONDON, UK (October 9th, 2023) - Avant-garde pop artist Steinsdotter sets her soul on fire as she welcomes this season of darkness with a wicked collection of curiosities on her ‘Ginnungagap’ mixtape available on October 27th. With a limited release of the mixtape teasing the complete collection made available earlier this summer, fans and critics have been excitedly anticipating this project as Steinsdotter re-embarks on her annual journey into the depths of the spirit realm this October. In 2023, she had multiple singles on this mixtape dominate the Music Week Club charts, as well as appear in notable tastemakers like Mundane Magazine. Ginnungigap refers to the meeting of fire and ice, or the potential for everything and nothing all at once in Norse mythology. Steinsdotter uses this mixtape as an opportunity to showcase a collection that features a variety of sounds, feelings, styles and creates a space for cohesion amongst projects that wouldn’t normally live in the same world.

On fan-favorite tracks like “Nightshift,” Steinsdotter channels a charismatic witch-glam aesthetic with textured, other-worldly soundscapes imbued with confidence, playfulness, and contagiously danceable beats. The track greets fans with an inherent spiritual essence, somehow channeling an indescribable power characteristic of decades-old incantations, compelling listeners to move their bodies in sync with the eerie whispers of unhallowed strings and hypnotic bass lines. The mixtape also features another fan-favorite, “Read My Hips,” that embodies the songstress’ signature feminine, darkness infused sound. Other tracks like “Air” showcase Steinsdotter’s stylistic range and demonstrate the power she is able to imbue in a more acoustic setting in contrast to the electrifying sounds heard on “Nightshift” and “Read My Hips” and their respective club remixes.

Steinsdotter worked with a variety of collaborators on each of these tracks. With the support from creatives like Agon Branza, Occult Hardware, Sarah Kershaw and Takatsuna Mukai, Steinsdotter is thrilled that ‘Ginnungagap’ will be her first project offered as a vinyl. As a multidisciplinary artist who takes a hands-on approach from start to finish on all of her projects, this mixtape is built from the depths of Steinsdotter’s spirit and reflects her complexity as a human and artist. The sonic variety offered on this mixtape presents something for everyone - ‘Ginnungagap’ is a vivid journey inviting anyone who hears the call to connect with the spiritual, elemental soundscapes Steinsdotter has created. She hopes people can get a deeper insight into her creative process with this mixtape. She says, “there’s a lot running around my brain and it’s never been about a cohesive collection of work once known as an ‘album.’ The format of a mixtape suits how I work much more. This is why creating a Mixtape has been so extremely liberating for me as an artist.”

More about Steinsdotter:

London artist Steinsdotter makes ethereal electronic pop with a refined edge. True to her Nordic heritage as a descendant of a fearless Viking warrior witch whose remains can be found in the British Museum today. Mixing refined and Avant guard production that showcases her meditative voice, her music has an incantation-like quality. Her whispers Ingrained with the brutality of Norse sagas.