Stephanie Marie's Fab 44th Birthday Bash

March 18th, 2023 3pm   Stage 2

After a 3 year hiatus, Stephanie Marie’s Fab Forty-Fourth Birthday Show returns! Featuring some of NYC’s most beloved performers, this show is guaranteed to be a splendid time for all! 
You will be treated to 2 sets of Beatles and Solo Beatles covers and the third set is always an entire album. We’ve covered Revolver, we’ve done Let It Be, now it’s time for the 1965 masterpiece, Rubber Soul (yes, we will include the UK and US releases!)
Featuring Mike Fornatale, Charly Roth, Dave Foster, Jeff Gordon, Shu Nakamura, Tommy DeVito, and Russell Alderson as your band for the afternoon! Guest performers include Jim Allen, Crystal Durant, Ai Matsui, Patti Rothberg, David Pybas, Mary Edwards, Karen Hudson, Glenn Spivack, and Jeff Hudgins. This show is a perfect way to spend an afternoon celebrating Stephanie’s birthday with her family and friends! All are welcome to join! Each performer is an incredibly talented artist in their own right, and this show is definitely going to rock and roll! 
We can’t wait to celebrate with you, yeah yeah yeah!

Stephanie Marie


Stephanie Marie hails from Memphis, TN and has been a NYC country/folk singer-songwriter for about 5 years. Combining her passion for event planning and an extroverted personality, along with a great taste in music, Stephanie invites you to join her and her favorite folks for what promises to be a positive and exciting afternoon of songs from her favorite band.