Stephen Clair

December 20th, 2023 7pm   Stage 1


Stephen Clair


Clair’s 10th album has just arrived. Known for his wry humor & guitar stylings, the ever-touring Beacon, NY musician has been a fixture on the Americana, alt-country, and songwriter scenes since 1997’s, Altoona Hotel.

Rawboned, The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life (11/17/23) features only Clair and a guitar. Each song is a complete take, a miniature story. Every note—including the air around it—is intentional.

Clair came to prominence when the late Rita Houston added "Jen in Her Underwear" to rotation on WFUV, putting Clair on the map and the road. Paste Magazine calls Clair's lyrics “…everyman poetry.”

Roy Peak, Northern England's preeminent music writer, recently wrote: "These songs come at you much like half-remembered dreams, familiar, yet fresh, straight from the soul, and full of whimsy and melody, and not for the faint of heart—and by that I mean these songs aren’t scary, but you need a lot of heart to fully comprehend what Clair is offering up... Seriously, I couldn’t tell you the last time I listened to an album of just one guy playing by himself all the way through more than twice in a row, and I’ve been listening to this one on repeat for over a week."