Steven Blane

September 9th, 2023 9pm   Stage 1


Steven Blane


Steven Blane is a Pop-Jazz Singer-Songwriter Poet in the style of Leonard Cohen, and Tom Waits. He plays piano, guitar, and ukulele and has released nine albums to date. The New York singer-songwriter has carved out a style and signature of his own through a string of exquisite albums and singles, incorporating elements of folk, jazz, blues, and rock’n’roll into his brand of Americana. His latest offering, entitled “Songs for New York Lovers,” leans heavily into the world of jazz and serves as a beautiful homage to the city in which Blane lives.

Roots Music Report writes, “A Rabbi and Cantor that has conducted High Holiday Services at the famous downtown Greenwich Village nightclub The Bitter End in NYC, Steve Blane reinstates his legacy as a recording artist with the 2023 release of Songs For New York Lovers. The 13-track, 41-minute album is an upbeat showcase for Steve’s sophisticated approach to contemporary cabaret-jazz vocal. More than just an impressive singer-songwriter and guitarist, Steve makes a cool spokesperson for the tristate jazz scene that still emanates out of the New York City metro area. The theatrical, Broadway-flavored aspect of Steve Blane’s upbeat pop-jazz approach to modern music shouldn’t be understated and the fact that he has nine albums under his own name makes the point that he is a major talent.”

The Faulkner Review writes, ”Songs For New York Lovers is another superb album from the prolific Steven Blane. Music connoisseurs worldwide should discover the songs of Steven Blane.”

Steven performs frequently at Shrine and Silvana in Harlem, and Sofars in NYC. He is also a Rabbi and Cantor and leads High Holiday Services at The Bitter End in NYC. He is the founder and Dean of JSLI and the Rabbi of Sim Shalom.