Steven Stephen, Dylan Thomas, Granite to Glass

August 26th, 2021 9pm   Stage


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Steven Stephen


Steven Stephen is an Indonesian-American experimental pop artist and producer. She was born in New York City, where she trained in classical music from the age of 6. She spent the majority of her life practicing in her room and attending countless hours of orchestra rehearsal. To her disbelief, she managed to fulfill her Masters Degree in classical violin as a full scholarship recipient. Despite sacrificing lots of happiness for a career in classical music, Steven decided to shift gears and focus on electronic music production. Her debut EP "Creature" outlines the different emotional stages of mental/emotional healing under an urban fantasy narrative. Her upcoming projects include a full length music video which she filmed in the cold rivers and woods of Montana as well as online content and live performances. Follow her on instagram to stay up to date with her work.

Dylan Thomas

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Granite to Glass

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Jon Kohen is a singer-songwriter who has been creating music as Granite to Glass since 2016. Through the course of numerous albums, EPs, and singles, Granite to Glass has captured the hearts of listeners with strikingly genuine songs, accompanied by orchestral strings.
"There's Nothing Quite Like Missing You" has been featured by NPR’s All Songs Considered as an initial favorite in the Tiny Desk Contest 2020. It will be released this summer on the self-titled Granite to Glass album.