June 29th, 2023 9pm   Stage 1


Stutterboy is a 4-piece indie-rock act based out of Brooklyn, New York, which consists of Miles Grossenbacher (Keys, Vox), Alex Byers (Bass, Vox), Jimmy Petrich (Drums) and founder/front man Grover Doyle (Guitar, Vox). Though their influences spread far and wide, Jammerzine describes Stutterboy as "melodic punk/indie rock" that "channels elements of artists like Face To Face, Elvis Costello, Ben Folds and The Clash... to write hook-filled songs and create some of the most energetic music you’ll hear anywhere."

This year Stutterboy has released two singles ("When You Call Me" and "Crossing Over") as a little precursor to their second LP which will release at the end of May 2023.