January 15th, 2020 10:15pm   Stage 2



Considered to be one of the new bright and shining shoegaze outlets out of New York, TARA has been able to garner a strong footing within Brooklyn’s ever competitive indie rock scene. Though the band had initially started off as a solo project by Saagar Kurani, after meeting Wesley Deimling and Stepehen Kingslow, the group was able to put together a handful of demos which came to be TARA's first set of singles in the summer of 2019. The group has been described as embodying timeless 90’s shoegaze such as Slowdive, Drop Nineteens, and MBV and weaving in influences from contemporary acts such as Beach House, DIIV, and Wild Nothing.

TARA’s first single, “Second Guess” drummed up a buzz in the indie-rock blogosphere and their subsequent follow up, “Wander,” landed number 2 in Submit Hub’s Rock charts in July of 2019. During the release, Kaltblut Magazine did a debut feature of their newest single along with an in-depth interview with founding member, Saagar Kurani. Every song TARA has released has been added to various Spotify playlists, a handful which have over 50 thousand followers.

Over the past year, TARA has become more of a cohesive and collaborative collective, where every member has been able to contribute to the overall vision of the project. The band is set to release two new singles in January 2020, and a full length EP in the Spring.