The Blind Tiger hosted by Chelsey Ng

April 22nd, 2022 10:30pm   Stage 3


The Blind Tiger hosted by Chelsey Ng


The Blind Tiger is a cheeky variety show hosted by Chelsey Ng - an artist who hopes to create an oasis for joy & catharsis amidst the bizarre timeline we're on. Join us for a raucous evening of music, drag & burlesque.

Performances from:
- Chelsey Ng - actor/writer/host (@chelseyng,
- Steph Amoroso - singer/songwriter (@stephamoroso)
- Josh Batts - actor/writer (@battsofftoya)
- Chartruice - performance artist/model/actor (@chartruiceee)
- Breezy Diabo - singer/actor (@little.moon.fae)
- Morgan Doelp - actor (@doelp)
- Rae Hennessee-Golden - singer (@raehennesseegolden)
- Jack Rabbit Slims - burlesque artist (@jackburlesque)
- Samantha Mellina - singer/songwriter (@tenbr0ek)

Keys - Tom McEvoy (@thomas_mcevoy,
Guitar - Sergio Ripa (@maanbarepiig)
Drums - Kyle Milner (@dafatdawg)
Bass - Isaac Goldstein (@isaacmakesnoise)