The Blind Tiger hosted by Chelsey Ng

July 26th, 2022 10pm   Stage


The Blind Tiger hosted by Chelsey Ng


The Blind Tiger is a cheeky variety show hosted by Chelsey Ng - an artist who hopes to create an oasis for joy & catharsis amidst the bizarre timeline we're on. Join us for a raucous evening of music, drag & burlesque.

Featuring Performances By:
- Steph Amoroso - singer/songwriter (@stephamoroso)
- Lucky Stiff - drag artist/director/writer/performer (@lucky.stiff)
- Lily L’Noir - burlesque artist/dancer (@lilylnoir)
- Ginger Kearns - actor/writer (@gingerkearns)
- Jamie Amadruto - singer/musician (@jamie_amadruto)
- Nick Atkinson - actor (@nickatkinsonofficial)

The Lads (our band):
- Sergio Ripa - guitar (@sergio.g.ripa)
- Jamie Amadruto - guitar
- Isaac Goldstein - bass (@isaacmakesnoise)
- Kyle Milner - drums (@dafatdawg)