The Brightmares w/ Daniella Faith

July 27th, 2023 7:30pm   Stage 2


The Brightmares

The Brightmares is the musical project of brothers Brendan and Damon Smith. Born and raised in New York City, they started writing music together in 2008, and have been collaborating ever since. They released their debut album, "When the World Gets Fixed," in June of 2022.

Daniella Faith


Known for her pensive, vulnerable and empowering performances, 22 year old singer-songwriter and producer Daniella Faith has become a leading force in the indie-folk music scene. Born and raised in New Jersey to a musically-rich family, Daniella has spent much of her life writing songs that speak to the many seasons of life. Being beautifully influenced by her upbringing in the church and own exploration of faith, she has developed a message behind her music that explores love, hope, and identity.