The Burning Sun

December 4th, 2021 7pm   Stage


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The Burning Sun


The Burning Sun is an indie-rock trio hailing from Burlington, VT (unceded territory of the Western Abenaki) committed to a belief in the transformative potential of vulnerability. Katy Hellman is the principal songwriter and powerful voice at the center of the band's dynamic sound. Working closely with her friends and collaborators, drummer/multi-instrumentalist, Steven LeBell, and guitarist, Bo Malcolm, the group blends their eclectic influences, ranging from folk, grunge, psych rock and prog, through a combination of soaring vocals, punchy bass and drums, and soulful harmony. This music lays bare the wild grandness of being alive; explosive joy, dissonant chaos and deep sorrow. The Burning Sun offers a sonic embrace during times of cognitive dissonance, encouraging us to feel deeply and be present with the pulse of this living, breathing world.