Fierce Femme Fest

April 27th, 2023 9pm   Stage 2


Killdeer and Bad Kitty

All female guitar-driven rock and roll KILLDEER is: Keri Buster - guitar and vocals (aka KBilly) Jacqueline Champe - bass and vocals (aka Jaykwellin) Robin Marsico - drums (aka Rockin Robin) Jennifer Robinson - guitar and vocals (aka JRo)
KILLDEER - it’s a noun, not a verb! Our namesake is the Killdeer bird - loud drama queens who are born ready to rock!

Bad Kitty is a wild and sensuous New York City rock band with the spirit of punk, fronted by Renee Kay, who lays on the sizzle like a solar flare. The 4-piece band lifts the audience with their high energy music. Renee channels both her muses and her demons, who seemingly materialize as various characters in her lyrics, which she and her bandmates bring to life with riveting, mesmerizing and at times devastating effect. Their musical trail of rock band influences carries all the way back to The Stooges, with stops at the stations of The Kills, Nine Inch Nails, and PJ Harvey for good measure.

The Dye

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Conceived by Bruno & Eudora, The Dye craft compelling sonic tapestries illuminated by commanding vocals and fervent guitar riffs. Keen lyricism, avant-garde atmospherics and psychedelic overtones combine to form a powerful and intoxicating brand of alternative rock. The NYC-based band's WITHYN Records debut album, "Painting The New Night, " is out now.

Lady Strange

Lady Strange is a blues-rock inspired band formed in NYC by vocalist Courtney Scheer, guitarist Michael Perdomo, drummer Luca Bertaglia, Bass guitarist Andrew Grau, and saxophonist John Blevins. A true collaborative effort, their 2018 album “Right About Now” features Nelson Perdomo, Donald Perdomo, Tay Kwak, Lindsay Kwak, Greg Kocis and Sarah Peck. Lady Strange has performed at venues all over NY. Their music can be found on all major streaming platforms