'The Guests': Lucy Woodward - voice, Henry Hey - piano

November 7th, 2022 9pm   Stage 1


Longtime collaborators Lucy Woodward and Henry Hey are ‘The Guests’. Who are the guests? Maybe they are this pair of vocalist and pianist — coming to visit your living room, or maybe the guests are all of the songwriters and iconic artists from whence this duo draws their material. With a deep appreciation for the legacy of great songs and grooves, well-known masterful Songstress Lucy Woodward and dynamic collaborator and creative pianist Henry Hey invite you to pull up a cozy chair for an energetic yet intimate evening. Drawing from their own expansive professional experience as songwriters and performers, Lucy and Henry will share classic songs from the deep well of writers such as John Lennon, Nina Simone and others and will add their own contributions on top.

Henry Hey

Lucy Woodward