The Jist

January 29th, 2020 10:15pm   Stage 2


The Jist


We’re all about that SOUND, that GROOVE, that ENERGY! The Jist is a one-of-a-kind ska/funk party band, based out of Jersey City, NJ and the NYC area. We bring the fun, and we certainly bring the funk.

This band is an 8-piece collaboration of musical madness.

The Jist was originally formed in Morris County, NJ in the spring of 2011. The group began as a 6 piece funk ensemble, writing tasty music and playing intimate events. That iteration of the group split apart in 2012 due to location difficulties and technical issues during the recording the first album(Hangin’ Around).

And yet, the songwriting continued! The Jist lived on as a solo project by the group’s founder and bandleader, Dan Landers.

‘Hangin’ Around’ was completed as an 8-10 track album in 2016, and ‘Best Thing Yet’ was composed for future release. In early 2019, The Jist reformed once more. This time, the band features a brand new line-up: 3 piece funk/rock trio in the back, and a 4 piece horn section blaring up front.

This is the new, the funky, the downright ridiculous – This is of course, The Jist.