The Merks

November 12th, 2021 10:30pm   Stage


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The Merks

Raised in Connecticut, Conor Phillips and Nick Claps grew up as neighbors and fell in love with a wide variety of music at young age. They enjoy a variety artists from Frank Zappa, Neil Young, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra all the way to My Chemical Romance, Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Tool.

Conor and Nick formed an alternative band in 2014 called The Merks. The Merks are heavily influenced by the well calculated guitar patterns and melody from Julian Casablancas and The Strokes, as well as the warm beauty of Frank Sinatra's vocal melodies and emotion behind the lyrics. In 2015 they released their #1 hit "Now Now Honey" on their Area of Refuge EP.

In 2019, Conor and Nick's songwriting as well as production evolved notably, with more of a pop influence imbedded in their new music. That year they released a classical-style song with an alternative - pop twist inspired by Frank Sinatra In 2020 they have released 8 more singles each unique in style, mood, and genre.