The Missouri Pacific

January 24th, 2020 11pm   Stage 1


The Missouri Pacific

The Missouri Pacific was started in 2018 by Lubomir Rzepka in Boston, Massachusetts. A lover of poetry, novels, film, and theatre, Lubomir has been an avid participant in the world of storytelling for practically all of his life, and has been writing ever since he learned how to hold a pen. Lubomir studied English at the University of New Hampshire for a year before leaving to pursue music.

The Missouri Pacific was named after an old train-line often used by hitchhikers, artists, and fortune-seekers trying to make their way out West. Kerouac recounts it fondly in his novel “On The Road,” and the image of the railway harkens back to an era famous for its experimentation, surprise, and revolt in movements and music.

Much like the folks that used to hop the trains from way-back-when, The Missouri Pacific is a band of misfits who abandoned any semblance of regular American life in favor of the complete and utter chaos that is committing to the music you play so intensely and love so dearly.

The songs of The Missouri Pacific are eclectic: constantly evolving, pushing through genre and style. Though there is undoubtedly a theme, something that holds between songs, it’s difficult to place exactly what that is. The music is melodic, sincere, deeply lyrical and very deliberately trying to tell a story.

As of now the group has released a number of singles recorded at Plaid Dog in Boston, MA. After hunkering down in a new studio at The Noise Floor in Dover NH, the group has marked August 1st as the release date for upcoming album “Gorgeous Indifference.” They promise many fun surprises along the way.

The band comprises of Lubomir Rzepka (Guitar, Vocals, Songwriting) Willy Downing (Guitar, Bass, Vocals) and Evan Roque (Drums, Vocals).