The Moon City Masters w/ Frankford Fitler

November 11th, 2022 9:15pm   Stage 2


The Moon City Masters


The Moon City Masters are a neo-classic rock band with a contemporary edge and more than a hint of soul and funk. The band, consisting of twin brothers, Jordan and Talor Steinberg, brings together the whole package, with virtuosic playing and singing combined with excellent songcraft and an aesthetic that is all their own. It's the unique MCM vibe that makes outlets like Classic Rock Magazine say that their music is full of "heart, harmonies and rays of California sunshine."

Ever since they first picked up their instruments at the tender age of 12 after their dad took them to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the brothers have been cranking out riffs and tunes with preternatural ability. Initially, they both picked up guitars, but Jordan soon switched to bass. Over the course of the next several years, they honed their singing and playing chops to a fine edge.

The band kicked their songwriting into overdrive when they started working with Grammy-nominated producer, Justin Craig. The band released their debut E.P., “The Adventures of the Moon City Masters” in late 2019. Since then, they’ve been hard at work recording and releasing singles. They will be playing dates across the country.

Frankford Fitler


Frankford Fitler is an American Rock Duo originating from Philadelphia, PA. The group consists of Tyler Cole and Randy Willson. Frankford Fitler creates an immersive and imposing performance each time they take the stage. Energy, Passion, and Showmanship are the pillars on which their live shows are built.

Frankford Fitler steps into the spotlight with their debut EP titled “Moving On”. The EP features four diverse tracks showing off the songwriting ability of the group as well the musicianship of each member. With the help of expert producer Paul Moak, Frankford Fitler recorded this EP at “The Smoakstack” in Nashville, Tennessee, and brought home a powerhouse of an EP showing what the band is capable of in the near future.