The Plastic Waste Band

May 5th, 2020 10pm   Stage 3


The Plastic Waste Band

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With a sound equally identifiable and eclectic, The Plastic Waste Band has carved a new niche for itself from within Montreal’s creative music scene. Born out of jazz and improvised music but drawing from their diverse influences of psychedelic rock, fusion, and beyond, The Plastic Waste Band’s live shows carry the audience through moments of meditative serenity and fiery spontaneity. Layered saxophones, affected guitar, and driving bass and drums sweep the listener into disparate musical environments that feel constantly fresh. With their latest album, “Crushed,” they have established themselves as a band with a sound uniquely their own.

Inspired by the world’s looming environmental collapse, The Plastic Waste Band seeks to push the boundaries of what a jazz band can be. Following the 2017 release of their self-titled debut album, they chose to donate all proceeds from the album’s sales to charities dedicated to environmental conservation. Their second album, “Crushed,” was released on Montreal label Florafone Records in September 2019. It is centered around the issue of creating art in the face of our inevitable destruction, as well as the beauty that can grow from its ruins. Evoking images of a dystopian future littered with hope, the album paints a foreboding picture of reality while simultaneously providing an optimistic vision of what the world could be.