Jim Knable and The Randy Bandits

April 8th, 2020 7pm   Stage 3


Jim Knable and The Randy Bandits


The Randy Bandits are the band for which Jim Knable has written the songs and fronted since 2002.

They have played at Mercury Lounge, Rockwood Music Hall, The Living Room, CB's Gallery (RIP), The Zipper Factory (RIP), Makor, The Bell House, Union Hall and many other clubs, private parties (wedding, pool, birthday and office) and sidewalks. They released The Woman or the Blues EP in 2003, followed by full length albums Redbeard (2006) and Golden Arrow (2009), and live album Live at Otto's Shrunken Head in 2007. Golden Arrow has been called, among other things, "the best soulful country record to ever come out of the northeast."

From 2010-2019, Jim Knable played gigs under the names Jim Knable, Jim Knable and Regina Bain, Jim Knable and Friends, Jim Knable and The Jewbadorians (it's a long story, see the solo Jim Knable page), and, most of the time, Jim Knable and The Randy Bandits. The other members of The Randy Bandits embarked or continued on their own solo projects throughout this era, plus did things like having kids and moving to New Jersey.

In 2020, after a decade away from the studio, Jim Knable and The Randy Bandits are recording a new album of Jim Knable songs, some of which stretch back to the early days of The Randy Bandits (the strangely never-recorded live concert hit "Golden Bowl" featuring Regina Bain), some from the last regularly performing days of The Randy Bandits ("Don't Get Lost"; "I'm Not a Bad Guy), but most from the last decade of Jim Knable playing alone and with various combinations of Bandits ("Never Any Right Age"; "Citadel"; "Mourning Dove"). The album is being funded entirely by friends, fans, and family and recorded at ACME Hall Studios in Park Slope, Brooklyn.