The Real Banjo Slim, Noble Hobo

July 11th, 2022 8:30pm   Stage 3


The Real Banjo Slim


A true 5-string phenom, The Real Banjo Slim was born in NYC, but his heart's lost out somewhere in the mountains of Appalachia or Catskills. Self taught and improved throughout the pandemic. With original songs and a one of a kind dynamic energy and a little bit of comedy.

Noble Hobo


Noble Hobo brings the perfect blend of sweet and savory dark-folk and blues. Fronted by songwriter and musician, Skyler Jenkins, this “one-man” band is occasionally accompanied by a rotating collective of traveling musicians. Refreshingly honest and introspective, his sound never falls short of a gripping experience.

The concept was formed through writing songs while hitchhiking and hopping trains from Detroit, Michigan to Olympia, Washington. Upon arrival, Jenkins slept on the street and worked his way up to his new life as Noble Hobo.

Now living back in Detroit, his music still carries the same thrilling turbulance of adventure and is quickly rising to be a well-known name in dark-folk music.