Daisy & Vision Flight, Claire Vandiver

August 22nd, 2022 7pm   Stage


Claire Vandiver


Claire Vandiver was born in Nashville, Tennessee and raised by parents who were both musicians. Now living in Central Florida, Claire has spent the past decade honing her craft as a musician and songwriter. She's previously released one EP and several singles recorded by multi-platinum producers ZK Productions in Atlanta, finding her own unique sound along the way.

Claire’s voice is equal parts angelic and electrifying; soft and welcoming one second to, edgy and commanding the next. Blending a wide array of influences ranging from indie rock, to modern pop, she has crafted a unique sound that is truly fresh. While most of the world was languishing in lockdown during the pandemic, Claire spent her time co-producing and recording her latest batch of songs with NYC based composer/sound designer, Keller McDivitt. Wall-of-sound guitars, hard-hitting bass, spacey synthesizers, and thunderous drums provide the backdrop for Claire’s soaring vocals on her latest upcoming EP, “...Even When it Hurts.” Here, Claire sings songs about passionate relationships, mental-health and codependency, and all the spontaneity and complexities of an ephemeral youth.

Daisy Anabelle


Born in LA and now living in Brooklyn, Daisy started writing songs at the age of 13. Her introspective pop-infused melodic songs have always been intended both for personal expression and to connect with her listeners.

Her debut EP, 'My Own Person' released in 2015, which was in true singer-songwriter fashion, a display of coming of age experiences and the simmering doubt that comes with being thrust into an adulthood of uncertainty. Performing at local NYC intimate music venues, she joined a supportive Greenwich Village music community. Often compared to Laura Nyro, Lady Gaga, and Bette Midler, her alto range has a secret power to show strength and vulnerability simultaneously.

Five years ago, new inspiration came after experiencing the positive effects of meditation. She found an oasis in upstate New York and went on a silent retreat alone, bringing only a device to capture different sounds in nature. There, she caught the frogs' ribbit, birds chirping, water running, crickets talking and more. They can all be heard on her follow up EP, titled ‘RETREAT'.

Daisy is also graduate of NYC's MNDFL Meditation Teacher Training, a 300 hour program certifying her to lead guided meditations. Her exploration into the tools of how meditation can facilitate personal growth and creativity are very much intertwined. She believes that music has incredible power to heal and is humbled to share how it has done so for her.

Vision Flight


Vision Flight is the solo project of Brooklyn-based musician Jared Elder. A lifelong passion for music began at age five with violin lessons, followed by piano in middle school, punk bands in high school, and a classical guitar performance degree. After college, Jared began producing electronic music as Vision Flight, combining synthesizers and drum machines with acoustic instruments. Years of performing in orchestras, choirs, bands, and chamber groups can be heard in the layers and interplay of synths and guitars, and in the flow from one passage to the next.The goal is always to inspire the listener, evoke vivid imagery, and convey deep emotions.