Tiffany Thompson

July 18th, 2023 6pm   Stage 1


Tiffany Thompson

Tiffany Thompson is a singer, songwriter, and experience designer who uses music to bring meaning through beauty into our world. Songs are her way of building bridges with people and between listeners to create a spirit of communion in a divided age.

Originally from Iowa, Tiffany Thompson’s artistic journey has been quite the adventure.

The daughter of a preacher, Tiffany, and her family moved from Iowa to Russia in the early 1990s and then over to Austin and Chicago in the 2000s. She launched her singer/songwriter career in Northern Virginia before spending 3 years in Nashville, and now calling New York City home.

Tiffany’s single "We Are the Dreamers" was featured on one of the most popular segments of the Lifetime TV series "Dance Moms," and the video from the show garnered over 2 million views and 300K streams. The cinematic strings and electronic production provided a unique sonic background for her angelic voice and hope-filled lyrics.

Her love for people, music and the connection made when those two things collide brings her more joy then the most glorious of sunrises. The debut single off of her DANAE EP, "Direction," was a semi-finalist in the Song of the Year contest and has garnered over 160K streams on Spotify. The poetry collection she turned into a record celebrated the art of an unknown poet: Rosetta G. Kelly. The songs she wrote for Makoto Fujimaura's New York City gallery exhibit fuse ancient themes with modern melodies.

Through the years, Tiffany has acquired a unique musical ear, dynamic stage presence, and creative spirit. She recorded music floats between genres—her voice and lyrics serve as the anchor.