TITUS w/ Layto, Vxnny, That Weird Kid

December 18th, 2021 7pm   Stage 2


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Randolph Newman aka TITUS is an anomaly and a true representation of someone that lives in the center and a voice for those that always felt singular. He grew up in a single parent household in New Jersey, living with his mom, late grandfather and brother after his parents split at a young age.

“Growing up without a solid family structure was lonely for me. My mom worked hard to provide for us, and so it was just me and my brother a lot of the time. At that point all I really did was skate and listen to music,” says the genre-bending artist from New Jersey.

The bi-racial, Westwood native, who never left the Garden State, was raised in the middle of a culture clash, mixing Blink 182 and Taking Back Sunday with Dipset. TITUS lived in the only Black neighborhood in a predominantly white town. He spent a majority of his adolescence skating from sun up to sun down all while waiting for the newest Lil Wayne freestyle to leak online. His love for music turned into a drug-like passion that had to be fulfilled. Back of the bus freestyles turned into recording music through Audacity in the closet of his mom’s home.

“Music was not only a way to fulfill my desire to express myself, but also a means to travel. I wanted so badly as a kid to get out and see the world and the minute my passion started doing that for me, I rode with it.”

TITUS released 3 mixtapes with his first group, Zoo Troop Gang, and toured nationwide on the Warped Tour. He sold out Webster Hall in New York City twice. His hunger for more and curiosity to experiment lead him into new genres and new parts of the world. He had a multi-year run as one of the most sought after and prominent voices in the EDM community. He brought a flow and swagger from Hip Hop that EDM hasn’t seen prior, which led him to collaborations with artists like Afrojack and Blvck Jvck whilst adding stamps to his passport, making music in Paris, France and Tokyo, Japan.
“I’ve always had an ear for adapting different styles. As I grew as an artist and a songwriter I never stopped pushing the boundaries between genres. But Punk music feels like home to me. All roads lead home.”

The versatility and songwriting of TITUS became his calling card. He’s credited in 070Shake’s debut single “Guilty Conscience” off her debut album ‘Modus Vivendi.’ Now the focus shifts back to his roots and his foundation. ‘Lost Valley,’ TITUS' upcoming project, is a 7-track EP that’s both nostalgic and forward thinking. It expresses two sides of a spectrum that melodically feels like the hay days of pop punk rock with the lyricism and swagger of Hip Hop. The debut single “One Last Time” is due out in April of 2021.