Tomás Latorre

February 9th, 2023 7pm   Stage


Tomás Latorre


Tomás Latorre is an Argentinean-American musician based in Brooklyn, NY. Born in 1990 in the bay area in California, Tomas moved to Argentina at the age of 6 and started playing drums at the age of 12. By the time he was 13 he was learning guitar and later at 15 he was playing electric bass, performing in rock, pop, folk and fusion groups in Buenos Aires. In 2008 he studied at EMBA (Buenos Aires Music School) and was performing in events such as the Pepsi Music Festival with bands such as Caminante and Iemanyá. In 2009 he moved to San Francisco, California, and took bass lessons with Kai Eckhart. Later in 2011 he was awarded a scholarship to study at Berklee College of music in Boston, graduating in 2014 with all the honors in Contemporary Writing and Production. 

 Under the apprenticeship of Oscar Stagnaro, Fernando Huergo, Lincoln Goines, among others, Tomás got to collaborate with many renowned artists, such as Susana Baca.

To top off his Boston years at Berklee College of Music, in 2015 Tomás released his debut album “Vidala Espera” where he explores dense and through composed instrumental pieces, interwoven with gentle and delicate songs.

 He also had the experience of playing bass and performing with renowned artists such as Nacho González, Aliya Cycon, Trio LosPezes (touring Dominican Republic in August 2015), Skattitude.

 After Vidala Espera Tomás joined forces with Kuwaiti songwriter Yousif Yaseen, releasing “Visions” by late 2016. Visions is an unparalleled journey of unique songs by the authorship of Yaseen that combine middle eastern musical elements with contemporary classical, jazz, folk, and beyond. After performing all over the US northeast, the band toured Kuwait, Bahrain and Jordan in 2017.

 In early 2021 he released his 2nd solo album “Fuera de Mi Piel”, this time expanding more on his guitar playing, singing and songwriting with intricate composing and arranging in short song form.