True Outcomes, Chris Lowe, Less Than Three

June 16th, 2022 7pm   Stage


True Outcomes


Based right here on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, wife-and-husband duo True Outcomes are comprised of singer/actor Christina Germaine and singer/songwriter/guitarist Adam Howard Schneider. Their style can best be described as indie-folk-power pop with a bit of humor, a sprinkle of sarcasm, and a lot of melody. After receiving a warm response to their rapidly expanding repertoire at local open mics, on the city streets, and here at Rockwood Music Hall for a handful of in-the-round shows like this one, they are returning to Rockwood to celebrate the release of their first EP.

Chris Lowe


Chris Lowe is a singer/songwriter who grew up in and around New York City. He has lived in Greenwich Village all his adult life and this is reflected in his songs about the people, places and things in his beloved neighborhood. His first album was produced by his friend and mentor Dave Van Ronk who said that Chris writes songs with,"a wonderful sense of place...captured with a deftness that a novelist might envy." Heavily influenced by the delta and country blues artists of the thirties as well as traditional folk, jazz and classical, Chris's music displays a unique synthesis of the old and new.

Less Than Three


John and Nyssa met and fell in love performing on the national tour of the Broadway musical Once. With expert proficiency on guitar and fiddle, Less Than Three sings in tight harmonies delving into John’s country/blues background mixed with Nyssa's folk/bluegrass roots. Their set includes originals and reimagined covers ranging from Johnny Cash to John Mayer. You can also catch Nyssa playing fiddle in The Heartstrings Project (@theheartstringsproject) and John as the lead guitarist in the band Nicotine Dolls (@nicotinedolls).